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About Me...

I have been seriously interested in massage therapy since 2000.  I would give massages to friends, business acquaintances and volunteers. In January of 2003, I started to investigate different massage techniques over several months prior to deciding to pursue a program of study in Californian Massage.

For my second year of massage training, I had decided to take Kinetic Swedish Massage® technique to give me the base to continue towards Sports Massage. I am also looking into
certification in Myofascial Therapy and Trager® massage.

I am currently building a clientele of people from diverse backgrounds who are interested in receiving massage to relieve stress, tension and help them remember what it feels like to have a relaxed body through receiving Californian massage technique.

I am planning to specialize in athletic clients (specifically dancers, swimmers, cyclist and martial artists) who require regular massage for increased mobility, better muscle function, and pain management.

I am also interested in helping clients with their pain management; specifically in clients with Fybromyalgia Syndrome and clients with cancer.

Fédération québécoise des massothérapeutes (FQM) I am an active member a Quebec based massage association; Fédération québécoise des massothérapeutes (F.Q.M.) enabling me to give receipts for insurance purposes.

My Training...

  15 hours Intro to Swedish Massage (Kine Concept) 
  12 hours Basic Shiatsu I (Vanier College) 
  15 hours Intro to Californian Massage (Kine Concept) 
  15 hours Intro to Reflexology (Kine Concept) 
  30 hours Perfecting Reflexology of the Feet (Kine Concept) 
  15 hours Amma Chair Massage Level 1 (NHC) 
  45 hours Helping Relations (Kine Concept)
  15 hours Deontology (Kine Concept)
190 hours Californian Massage (Kine Concept)
  45 hours Sexology (Kine Concept)
  30 hours Professional Success & Bus. Plan. (Kine Concept)
  15 hours  Intro to Trager Massage (Accès Trager)
  15 hour  workshop: Structural Facia-therapy +
                         Cranial Field (Centre Kinesis)
    8 hours Amma Chair Massage Level 2 (NHC) 
  15 hours Understanding and Treating Pain (Kine Concept) 
190 hours Kinetic Swedish®  Massage (Kine Concept)
  90 hours Anatomy/Physiology/Pathology  (Kine Concept)
  14 hours CORE Myofascial Therapy - 2-day - Back Specific +
                         Chest, Neck & Head (Baron Massotherapie)
  15 hour  Structural Facia-therapy (Kine Concept)
  21 hours CORE Myofascial Therapy -
                        3-day - MYO 1 course (Baron Massotherapie)
  30 hours Massage adapted for Pregnant Women (Kine Concept)
  24 hours Active Isolated Stretching (Stretching Canada)
  40 hours Deep Tissue Release Specialization

Please help out my fellow students by offering to be a recipient of a supervised massage at the school. For a nominal fee of $20 (a donation towards research), you can be the recipient of a fantastic 1 hour massage.  Please contact me or the school for details.

Events & Volunteer Work...

Dragon Boat Races 2003 - Chair Massage of racers from Sinai Lightning, Mount Sinai's Dragon Boat team - July 19 - 20, 2003

Y.M.Y.W.H.A. Y-a-thon - Chair Massage members as part of an event to entice new members  - Feb. 15, 2004

Alpha Omicron Pie - Chair Massage of sorority members as part of an annual fund raising event  - April 15, 2004

Y.M.Y.W.H.A. Israeli Street Festival 2004 - chair massage of people attending the street festival.  May 23, 2004

Dragon Boat Races 2004 - Chair Massage of racers of a Dragon Boat team - July 24 - 25, 2004

Salon D'Amour 2006 - Chair Massage of clients at the show as part of a promotion for Spa Tonic - Feb 12, 2006

Fete St. Lambert 2006 - Chair Massage of clients at the St Lambert street festival as a promotion for Centre Kinesis - August 2006

50th birthday party 2006 - Chair Massage of guest to a private birthday party held at the YMYWHA - Octover 2006

House party 2006 - Chair Massage of guest to a private birthday party held in their home - Octover 2006

PALADIN LABS national sales meeting 2006 - Chair Massage of employees during their Zen evening theme night - December 2006

Allouettes Training Camp 2007 - Massage of players and coaches of Montreal Allouettes - June 2007

Triathlon St. Lambert 2007 - Massage of participants in the triathlon - duathlon - July 2007

Fete St. Lambert 2007 - Chair Massage of clients at the St Lambert street festival as a promotion for Centre Kinesis - August 2007

Fete St. Lambert 2008 - Chair Massage of clients at the St Lambert street festival as a promotion for Centre Kinesis - August 2008


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